Celebrate Any Occasion
with Surprise Group

For corporate and family occasions such as team 
success, anniversary, retirement, birthday, 
wedding, etc.

Celebrate Any Occasion with
Surprise Group Greeting!

For corporate and family occasions such as team
success, anniversary, retirement, birthday,
wedding, etc.

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JolliHop is the Ultimate Surprise! Fun
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With just one tap, create the best moments! Whether for a birthday, wedding, retirement, or team success, JolliHop seamlessly enables you to plan, create, coordinate, and send surprise group video greetings without need for an intermediary. Simply create a celebrant profile and send the link to friends, family and even work colleagues. Imagine the joy and emotions of a celebrant when he or she receives memorable and joyful video greetings from friends and family that they may not have seen in years.  

Join thousands of people sending surprise group greetings with JolliHop. 


Everyone loves to receive a card, either through the post or online. JolliCard is the perfect group card for any occasion. Perfect for celebrating employee accomplishment, service anniversary, birthdays, graduation and many more. Create a celebrant JolliCard and send the link out. Group members, colleagues and friends fill the card with messages, photos, emojis, etc. JolliCard is considered by many as the most effective way of letting someone know they are celebrated and that you care.  

Select an occasion and send a JolliCard today.  


How it Works

Create celebrant profile and send invite link to your group.

Group upload video or text greetings to the App

JolliHop combines all greetings and auto send to celebrant.

Celebrant enjoys a surprise greetings for the occasion

Inspired By Culture

This web app is inspired by our culture of celebrating people in different forms. In most African and Caribbean culture they celebrate every life events such as, birth of child, wedding, new house, new car, new job and even holidays.

Often friends and family would send a group greeting and gifts thru an intermediary. On many occasions, we wear group attire from the same material. I still remember my first Christmas holiday as child. Everyone in my family wore the same attire and my uncles and aunties sent a framed group greeting to Daddy. It is was joyful celebration.

JolliHop is a modern and easy way to plan, coordinate and send group greetings without need for an intermediary. It also enables you to create unforgettable memories. Try it for free and start celebrating your friends and family with JolliHop or JolliCard.

We donate a portion of your JolliHop or JolliCard fee to non profitorganization promoting African and Caribbean culture. Join us to promote these great cultures.

Inspired By Culture

What Our Users Are Saying

I wanted to make my daughter’s 10th birthday extra special as it is an important one. I wanted to show her how loved she is by her family and friends all over the world. We had over 45 JolliHop Greetings from Family and Friends. It was very special. She loved it. I like using JolliHop for celebrating special occasions.

Julisa Robertson

We were looking for a great way to celebrate our long service staff with group greeting. I used JolliCard and was thrilled how it boosted team bonding and morale. We will be celebrating more occasions with JolliCard.

Carrie Miller

JolliHop makes it easy and fun for me to connect with my loved ones. With JolliHop, I can easily create custom cards or record videos, and send them to a group of people in a few simple steps. The cards are beautiful, and the messages are heartfelt. Plus, I can schedule the delivery of the card to reach the celebrant at the right time. Overall, it is an amazing product. Highly recommended!

Gina Blaise

I created a JolliHop for my mom’s 60th birthday. We had over 50 video greetings submitted and her JolliHop was 40 minutes of tributes and messages on what she meant to them. It was the perfect gift for her, and she was pleasantly surprised and joyful watching her JolliHop. She will cherish it for many years to come. Looking forward to creating more surprise JolliHops.

Dave Anderson

Tips for Best Video

1. Use a location that is well-lit with plenty of indoor lighting
2. Ensure the surrounding is quiet with no background noise
3. Position camera at eye level and look at the camera at all times
4. Record in daylight if possible. If not make sure light is behind the camera facing you
5. Keep your hand movements to a minimum
6. Smile, especially at the beginning and the end of each response
7. Best video is from 30 to 60 sec (1 min).
8. Make your greeting about the celebrant or occasion

9. You can edit your video quality & orientation on your device and re-upload again.